Five-year-old calls 911 when pregnant mother collapses

Jasmine Mayers, 5, dialed 911 Wednesday when her mother, who was pregnant with twins, collapsed in their home.

Woman recovering after healthy twins born prematurely

A month ago, Jasmine Mayers got into trouble for calling 911.

She and her friend got a serious talking-to when a 911 operator called the house to see if everything was okay. The kids admitted they had called the number by accident.

“We reinforced it with her, in case of a fire, in case Mommy or Daddy is sick, this is what you do,” said her father, Dave Mayers. “We let them know the seriousness of 911.”

Today, the 5-year-old is a hero for doing just that.

On Wednesday, she was playing when she heard a noise. She ran upstairs to see what happened and found her pregnant mom, Andrea Preville, unconscious on the floor.

She called 911 and stayed on the phone until paramedics arrived.

Mayers was at work when police called him. By the time he arrived at the hospital in Ajax, his son and daughter were born. His wife was transferred to St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Mayers said his wife had complications with the pregnancy, and is now in intensive care. She is in stable condition.

“The twins are doing excellent. It’s just their mother we have to take care of now,” said Mayers, on his way between hospitals. “Once things improve, there will be a happy ending,” The babies were scheduled to be delivered by C-section on June 2. They don’t have names because their mom hasn’t been able to weigh in.

In her place, Jasmine has come up with a few: George and Lily.

“We’re probably going to name the boy Jermaine George and the girl Jada Lily. We figure we’ll give them the middle names,” Mayers said. “When my wife gets better, maybe she might want to have different names. We’ll see.”

For now, Mayers is simply grateful for the support of friends, family and hospital staff. But most of all, he is thankful for his daughter’s quick thinking.

The little girl, who likes Barbies, Tinkerbell and wrestling with her dad, doesn’t understand the magnitude of her actions. She doesn’t understand that had it been her day at school, it would have been a “completely different story.”

“She will when she gets older,” her dad said. “Once my wife recovers, she can spoil her daughter even more. I bet she will.”

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