Execution: absolutely disgraceful

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

The execution by militant Islamic fanatics of two girls ages 15 and 18 is one of the worse acts of human depravity that I have come across and it makes me physically sick to realise that as human beings there doesn’t seems to be no lengths that we will not stoop to demonstrate how monstrous we are.

Irrespective of what these children may are may not have done to line them up before a firing squad and riddled their bodies with bullets as if they were animals is a deplorable act and one that should not be tolerate by any society.

What makes my blood boil is that these so-called individuals who profess to be practicing the fundamentals of Islam are not doing so because they believe that is what the prophets of Islam required they are doing all their atrocities because it gives them power over another human being.

There is no religion that would agree with their supporters carrying out such barbarism such as the whippings, amputations and executions this is done to enforce their own strict interpretation of Islam.  Allah as the Islamic militant’s decree that they are following does not give them the authority to undertake any of the barbarism which they do in order to suppress other.

Whatever God one may worship there is no way in heaven or hell that they would agree with these acts.  The militants in these groups as created their own rules and regulations as to how they believe that Allah would want them to do and they give no regard for the lives and liberty of another human being, and if this is the way in which this deity require is followers to behave then he would be no better than them.

Religions should be about love, respect, dignity and the ability to forgive others if they straight from the path.  But to use religion to carry out the torturous behaviour that these so-called Islamic idiots undertake is repulsive.

The execution of these two girls has nothing to do with spying as these terrorist claim, it has more to do with using the deaths of these girls to instil fear into the citizens of Somalia ensuring that these Islamic fanatics can rule with impunity and keep a thigh strangle hold on the country.

The al-Shabab militants that have undertaken the executions of these girls must realise that they have the blood of the innocent on their hands and regardless of what they believe they will eventually pay for their dastardly deed and their punishment will be just as disgusting as those that they have inflicted on these innocent girls.

The report categorised them as ‘hardline Islamist militia’ in my opinion they are not hardline they are cowards who have nothing better to do but prey on the weak and frail of their society and there can be no bravery in the fact that grown men are so afraid of their own shadows that there only recourse is to take out their cowardice on the meek, mild and innocent.  So for me they should be refer to as ‘coward Islamic militia’ that is a name that better categorise these individuals.

Those are the behaviour why the majority of the world find them and their faith abhorrent and we cannot allow these kind of terrorist to reign supreme, they are a disgrace to the human race and I for one cannot wait to see them receive what they dish out to others as I really believe that what goes around will eventual come around.

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