Egypt – A Country in Turmoil

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

As, the world watched the chaos and mayhem that is taking place in Egypt, where ordinary individuals are putting their lives on the line, because they are absolutely fed-up with poverty, unemployment, corruption and police brutality.  One wonders why these regimes are allowed to treat its citizen in this manner.

In my opinion, the worst culprits that are to be blamed for the chaos in Egypt is the international government who constantly prop up corrupt regimes, backing them at all cost, ignoring their human rights record, the disgraceful way in which they govern their citizen, the corruption that run rife in these country and it begs the question today Egypt where next.

The chaos in Egypt although not on the scale of the Vietnam War has similar features, it is very interesting how quickly the US and other countries want to airlift their citizens out of these war torn places leaving the Egyptian to face the music alone.  It is disgraceful that Egyptian government has been allowed for so long to treat it citizen in this way and no one in the international community bother to take any action and it was left to the individuals in Egypt to demonstrate, in fact, they are destroying the country and now the international community decide to say and do something about the appalling situation that the ordinary people are facing.

It amaze me that governments never learn that the only way that you can stop the fanatical aspect of any country from growing and becoming a nuisance it to ensure that you treat the people with respect, you take care of their need you demonstrate that corruption does not play any part in government.

Fanatical group thrive when government fail it people and these fanatics will thrive in Egypt because the government as failed its people miserable and have allowed the fanatical aspects of the country to use the government’s failure to begin to preach their doctrine of hate and that hatred is always going to be aimed at western society. It is because country like the US, are so keen on ensuring that their citizen leave Cairo as soon as possible because the impending backlash to could happen to US citizen is one they do not want to contemplate much more see happen.

The media focus will naturally be on the looting and rampage of shops by a small group of individuals whose aim is never about democracy or the problems within the country but just plain and simple thieves and yet they will overshadow the fundamental problems of the Egyptians and what they are really demonstrating against.  The international media focusing their attention on these few looters the real message that honest Egyptians are fighting for will get lost along the way.

Having fighter jets scaring your own citizens is unbelievable and as one protester put it “This is terrorism, they are trying to scare the people with the planes and the tanks. They are trying to make people afraid and leave the square,” said Gamal Ahmed, a 40-year-old air-conditioning technician.

This is the 21st century and the human race as not learned how to govern effectively, irrespective of the documented mistakes of other regimes and if we continue down this path then it is inevitable that sooner rather than later the human race like the dinosaur will be extinct and we will have no one to blame but ourselves because human beings greed knows no bounds and it is that greed and corruption that will eventually wipe us off the face of this planet.

I hope for the sake of the Egyptian people President Hosni Mubarak will resign and give the country a chance to get back on its feet and allow the chaos and mayhem to cease and people of Egypt will come together and establish true democracy within its borders and allow peace to reign.

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