Dudus is not the real enemy of Jamaica

Deepest condolences to all Jamaicans now mourning the deaths of their loved ones, especially the security forces and citizens in Tivoli Gardens, Spanish Town, Portmore and elsewhere. On the face of it, these deaths are due to defiant citizens rising up against initiatives by the security forces, on orders of the government, to detain Christopher “Dudus” Coke to answer US extradition charges.

The spread of the killings and mayhem has been blamed on various factors, including payments to opposing gangsters and opportunism by local criminals. At the time of writing, Coke had not been captured. Kudos to the PM for resolving to use all means necessary to quell the uprising.

One can only pray for a speedy end to the bloodshed and burnings, but for the sake of whatever future Jamaicans must face when this crisis passes, continued analysis of these sad, tragic developments is vital. And the most obvious truth emanating from the Dudus saga, the related Manatt, Phelps and Phillips fiasco and their aftermath is that Dudus in not the real enemy of which Jamaicans should be wary. Dudus is a fall guy and the media hype surrounding his story is a smokescreen.

Perhaps some court of law might eventually give its final verdict concerning the guilt or innocence of Mr Coke. Such an outcome is desirable but not often achieved when certain developed countries are chief players and when political deceivers and their criminal henchmen are involved. Their modus operandi is to create the kind of havoc now raging in Jamaica, murder the main character, and cause horrible “collateral damage” while covering up the filth being perpetrated by the main players. Surely, private negotiations between Jamaica and the US could have resolved this impasse. It was blown up as if by scripting, and those calling for Golding to resign are supporting Jamaica’s enemies. Tivoli was built by Labour, but not by Golding.

Numerous forces inimical to Jamaica show up in the Dudus saga. Conscious Jamaicans must consider the New World Order implications. Perhaps US destabilisation of Jamaica seems like child’s play to Washington because Jamaicans worship President Barack Obama. Blessed Jamaica is perennially envied by “brute beast” (2 Peter 2:12) Euro-Americans, who recently got whipped in international sports by Jamaicans. Chaos created in Jamaica and other countries by evil globalists offers distraction from their own problems. There are dangerous insurgencies raging in the US, especially in the Tea Party Movement, with signs of impending civil war.

Moreover, the economies of capitalistic exploiters are in depression, so they need some sleight of hand to delay the big crash until the pieces are in place for their one-world government. One piece of the puzzle is for Jamaica to join the world in making treaties with Euro-America, the United Nations and other international wolves, giving them total control. Already their multinational corporations are raping all nations socio-economically. The Dudus set-up is to coerce Jamaica into submission. Seemingly, PM Golding is not for sale, although he leads the same JLP Judas party that betrayed Jamaica to Reagan’s US in the 1980s. Golding angered Euro-America when he effectively told them, paraphrasing Terror Fabulous: “I man nuh play number two.” As in the Roman Empire, playing number two is a priority for the globalists.

For some 6000 years, earth’s evil Caucasians have been decimating people of colour. Their drug war, terror war and killings of Iraqis, Afghans, and practically all predominantly black nationals on earth are key pieces of their population reduction plan, as exposed by Jim Marrs in The Fourth Reich. Their endgame is in place whereby globalists are ready to decimate their own race to get rid of people who do not share their racist, globalist, satanic views. Some people, like Jamaicans, reject this evil globalism because it offends their faith in God, but many branches of Christianity are leaders in this march to the white supremacist one-world government. Jamaicans must use the spirit of discernment to identify those churches that are Satan’s servants, especially churches headquartered in Euro-America.

The JLP and the PNP were tricked into joining the Euro-American plan to destabilise Jamaica and have sunken so deep into the pit that salvation seems impossible. Norman and Michael Manley must be turning in their graves because the Dudus saga details suggest that the PNP is now a puppet on Euro-American strings. Alas, Jamaica’s major political parties are greater enemies of Jamaica than Dudus could ever be. Which PNP or JLP politician has the guts to put Jamaicans first, including Tivoli Garden residents?

Are there any politicians in the JLP or PNP who have not sold their souls to dons and gunmen and to the Euro-American terrorists that manipulate them? Let such PNP and JLP persons stand up and be counted, or forever shut up. Until they are ready to tear down their garrisons, Portia Simpson Miller and Dr Peter Phillips should be quiet and allow PM Golding to solve the Dudus distraction which metastasised on Golding’s watch. In the Manley years there were Judas Jamaicans among the private sector, churches, media, and other island entities. Are they still there? Every Jamaican at home and abroad must analyse the Dudus tragedy and work for deliverance, but no one should excuse the real enemies of Jamaica.

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