Dictators – Why they never learn?

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

For as long as anyone can remember there have been dictators and they come in all shape and form. No one can ever forget Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Ferdinand Marcus, General Augustus Pinochet, and Saddam Hussein, just to name a few.

Today’s dictators like Gadhafi seems to have missed the most important thing about dictators in that they are either dead or in exile because the people within their respective countries got fed up with the corruption, murders, control over their lives and despite the clear dangers to themselves they have arisen against these dictators and crush them.

The current uprising in the Middle East should have any dictator trembling in their shoes because the wave of freedom is beginning to catch on and decent people are fed up with so-called self impose dictator telling them how to live their lives.  They are fed up of corrupt officials and they have decided that although they know that many lives may be lost, they are prepared to do so, so that their children can inherit a better nation with officials that are in power for the people and with the people.

For Gadhafi to say that he is not leaving until he “cleanses Libya house by house”. The only cleansing that Libya need is from him. He has a gall, accusing the United States, Britain, Italy of secretly bankrolling the drug-addled “rats and mercenaries” of the uprising.

Following his coup in 1969 when he overthrows the King and impose himself on the people does he not understand that if the people of Libya believe that after so many years he had done a good job they would still be supporting him instead of demonstrating against his clearly corrupt regime.

Gadhafi now 69 years old needs to step aside and allow the people of Libya to choose a government of their making.  He needs to realise that his days are numbered and the tide of uprising sweeping the Middle East is showing no signs of abatement, the people have began to taste what it is like to have true freedom to determine how their life is manage, how effective good government can be and they are not going to give in so easily irrespective of what men like Gadhafi threaten.

The old adage of blaming the Americans, British, French and Italians for all the woes of the world have run the gauntlet and people do not believe that clap-trap anymore.  They may not see the US, UK, and other nations as angels but they know full well that the problems in their countries are created by the various dictators and therefore, they have no other recourse but to put these dictators out of office.

Gadhafi stated that he would rather die trying to cleanse Libya, and I believe that he is only predicting his own future as the people cannot allow themselves to go back and live in clearly a regime that has no regard for human life, who see human beings as pawns in their corrupt games, who slaughter hundreds of people who decide not to conform to their outrageous rules.

The decent think for Gadhafi to do his step aside gracefully and demonstrate that there is still some kind of humanity within is corrupt bones, let the people of Libya get the freedom they need and deserve and stop playing God as he is a mere human being.

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