Criticising British University is wrong

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Theresa May’s criticism of British universities is wrong on so many front.  She seems to forget that universities are educational institution and as such the primary function of the teachers there is to educate their students and not act as spy agents.

Britain, like all civilised nation have within its system a police service, and other various security services that were created in order to protect the UK and it citizens and it is their responsibilities to ensure that if there are home grown terrorist operating within our universities they should be rooted out and prosecuted for their actions.

It is unbelievable that the Home secretary should be of the opinion that universities should not only act as places of education but that they should be spying on their students and reporting their activities to security authorities.  If teachers are going to spend their valuable time spying on the activities of student, pray tell, what time will they have to be undertaking the real functions that they are there to provide – like teaching?

Terrorist and terrorism and the individuals that practice these despicable behaviour does pose a serious threat to our way of life and most people would agree that we have seen our fair share of terrorist activities and there are those who are living with the effects of terrorist activities and we despise these behaviour however, we cannot and should not be penalising universities because they are presume to be not vigilant in targeting potential terrorist and undesirable groups.

It is the duty of the government and security services to identify and put in place safeguards that will prevent these groups from successfully operating within our borders.  If what she alleges is indeed a fact then she should put in place systems in these universities that can identify potential terror groups.

Radicalisation or recruitment may be happening in universities and we would agree that if there are unscrupulous individuals undertaking these actions then of course they should be stopped before they can commit atrocities and the security services are there for that.

It always amazes me how government minister seems to always have this attitude of laying blame on everyone else except themselves.  They seems to forget that they are the elected individuals and we elect them in order that they create and implement policies that keep us safe and blaming other for the actions that they should be undertaking is defeating the object.  If we are going to rely on universities to undertake the responsibilities of the government, why should we bother to elect them?

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