Columbine-obsessed girls draw up hit list of 90 students

TWO New York schoolgirls allegedly obsessed with the Columbine massacre were suspended from school after teachers discovered they wrote a hit list of 90 students.

The girls claim that bullying led them to make the list, which included 86 students from Plattsburgh High School and the rest from another school.

The school notified the parents of all children whose names were on the list and was still deciding how long the two girls should remain suspended.

Plattsburgh School District Superintendent James Short said of one of the girls who compiled the list “feels like she has been picked on and marginalized by other kids, and while she’s feeling this, she has this fascination with that’s what occurred in Columbineā€.

Police were still investigating the incident, but no charges were yet filed. Police said the girls involved did not have a plan or access to any weapons.

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