British woman charged over convicted Jamaican husband

Admitted to assisting man enter UK under false identity

A British social worker has been charged with facilitation after sponsoring a Jamaican male to enter the United Kingdom on two different application forms in two different identities.

The male, identified as Derrick Christopher McLean, was convicted of drug offences while previously in the UK, served a custodial sentence and was deported.

McLean then made two applications to return to the UK which were sponsored by his now wife. ;

The visa section of the British High Commission in Kingston realised the scam and referred it to an operational team in the UK.

He was subsequently arrested by Jamaican police in June and convicted of the two offences – obtaining a Jamaican passport by false means and possession of a false document.

McLean went to the UK as a visitor in 2005 on a visa which allowed him a six month stay in the country.

He was arrested by British police on suspicion of kidnapping, torture and aggravated burglary in 2006.

While on remand for the offenses, his visa expired and he was served papers as an overstayer. ;

The charges were later dropped by the Crime Protection Services but McLean was then charged with an offence of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs.

He was convicted at a court in Croydon in 2006, and was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

In March 2008, McLean was removed from the United Kingdom on a Jamaican passport.

In July 2009 he made an application at the British High Commission in Kingston for a visitor’s visa to return to Britain. He was sponsored by British National Corrine Lena Miranda Chambers.

He denied being deported from Britain and lied about his criminal convictions on his visa application form. The application was refused.

In October 2009, Chambers married  McLean who used the name ‘Micheal Sylvester Dowman’ in Jamaica. She resides in the West Midlands area of Sutton Coldfield.

On April this year, an application was made in Kingston for a spouse visa to enter Britain in the name of Dowman who was sponsored by Chambers.

Police arrested Mclean in June and he was charged and convicted for obtaining a passport under false pretense and possession of a false document. He was given the option of a fine or custodial sentence for those offences.

Chambers has sponsored McLean on two different application forms – in two different identities. ;

She was arrested on August 26 and interviewed. Chambers admitted the offence and was charged with the offence of facilitation.

Chambers has been granted bail and is expected to appear at the Solihull Magistrates Court next Tuesday.

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