Belize policemen arrested for shooting Jamaican

The Belize police have arrested two of their own in connection with the shooting death of a Jamaican man there in February.

Police Corporal Jorge Lemus has been charged with manslaughter, while Constable Lazaro Catch is facing a charge of abetment to commit manslaughter.

They appeared in court on Monday and were remanded in custody until June 11, when the case will again be mentioned.

Jamaican-born O’neil Jones, 41, was reportedly shot and killed after breaking up a fight in the Lord’s Bank area of Belize District on February 13.

The incident gained widespread attention and was reported on Belize’s Channel 5 Television Station.

Channel 5 reporter, Delahnie Bain, said Jones had just broken up a fight and was riding away on a bicycle when the police arrived on the scene.

The two officers allegedly shot him several times, claiming they believed he was carrying a firearm. It turned out Jones was carrying a spare part for the bicycle.

The two were arrested following a ruling by the Belize director of public prosecutions.

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