3 year old Alcoholic?

By Sandrea:-MY GRIPE

Unbelievable, how can it be possible that at child who does not have the capability to walk into an off licence or a supermarket and purchase alcohol can become an alcoholic?

Have parents reach a stage in their frustration and the burden of everyday living that they are now giving their children alcohol to drink and turning young children into avid addicts.  I cannot believe what I have read, I am reading the article and I cannot wrap my head around the fact that parent who is suppose to be responsible and do whatever it takes to protect their offspring could stoop to this level of depravity.

The report did not say what the health authority or the police did to this particular parent, and I would be very interested to know the outcome because I cannot believe that these services would not take that child out of that environment and prosecute the parent to the full extent of the law.

It is bad enough when adults who have the ability to choose how to live their life become addicts and the aftermath for most addicts are dire, and these people, in most cases made a conscious choice to do so.  Whether it be, drugs or alcohol as adults we decide whether we want to go down that path.  Although, most individuals can have a drink either socially or because they like to they have the ability to know how far to go and when to stop.  However there are those who cannot make that distinction and they become addicted to their drug of choice.

When a three year old have to be treated for alcoholism is disgraceful, bearing in mind that this child’s body have not develop fully and at that age having her liver being destroy because of the fact that she was given alcohol by people who should know better make me believe they should lock the parents are carer of this child away for life.

This is more than a new low in under-age binge drinking, which as seen more and more young people becoming alcoholic in their teens.

I recently wrote an article about the government decisions to take cigarettes off display and place them under the counter and as I stated regardless of what measures the government may take individuals will do what they like when they like and that is what democracy is all about and not even a ban on these items will prevent their consumption.

Prohibition did not work in the United States as people will find a way to get what they want and if it means that they have to go underground to acquire their fix they will do so, and I can understand when adults act in that manner but when a child is given illegal drugs or alcohol by adults that as gone way beyond the realm of human decency and that is really when the authority should come down on these individuals like a ton of bricks.

This particular case of the three year old is disgraceful and if our society continue to behave in this manner then we seriously need to have a reality check on the way in which we treat the next generation and what are the moral values that we intend to leave them with.

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