2011, The rage of the people

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The world is watching in awe as we see the rage of the people in Egypt, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia and Iraq spill out on the street. Demonstrators demanding their rights to have government that are not corrupt, dictators that insist that they are the only ones who are allowed to manage their own lives are being targeted and they are surprise that the people are rebelling.

Western society naturally are rejoicing because we have always believe that the Middle East have been an eyesore and a thorn in our eyes because of their religion, way of life, the fact that that part of the world seems to breed terror and terrorism, individual with fanatical attitude, so we are happy to see the current uprising.

However, what we should be more concerned about is when this behaviour is going to pour out into Europe, Central and North America.  We may have what we like to call democracy in western society but the price we are paying is very high.  Currently our financial situation has been dire more and more people are falling below the poverty line and the vast majority of people, naturally the poor are being squeeze more each day and basic things that we should take for granted like food is becoming difficult to purchase.

Debts have escalated over the last five years where by more poor family find themselves been chased by debt collectors for money that they do not have and this cycle continue with no signs of abatement.

I am disgusted especially with the way in which the poor in the UK have been target and more so if you manage to be able to purchase a car.  Firstly, we have to purchase a tax disc to be able to drive on the street and then the local council put residential parking, on the street and once again we have to pay for this facility so in fact we are paying twice to have our cars on the street, and they call this democracy.

I believe at the moment we may be slow in realising what our government and local authority is doing to us, but with the current climate of demonstration in the Middle East I wonder how long is it going to take before we in the UK realise that we have to do something if we want to stop this life of poverty.  We have to demonstrate to our government that this way of life that we are force to live in is more that we have the ability to take.

Democracy should not mean that people are taxed to death, people have to live in increase poverty incapable of keeping the roof over their heads, and this does not meet the criteria of what democracy should be about.  To add insult to injury even the system that was established by the Labour Party centuries ago to help the poor of our society has been decimated to the core.

Social security should not be something that one live on for eternity but there are certain cases where individuals has no choice because of illness and other circumstances beyond their control and when the very service establish to assist you in those circumstances begin to treat you like a leper is does not do any good to a person self-esteem.

If we are not careful the Middle East problems will filter across into Europe and that is not something that European government wish to have imposed upon them.  Drastic steps need to be taken in Europe to begin to alleviate the extreme poverty that these anti-social policies of government have imposed upon the majority of people.

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