2-year-old boy killed by family pit bull in Southern California

SAN BERNARDINO — Police say a 2-year-old who was killed by his family’s pit bull in San Bernardino was playing outside his home when the attack occurred.

Police say Nathan Aguirre was riding his tricycle and playing with his father in the backyard Thursday night when the father went inside and the boy was mauled one of the family’s two pit bulls. The toddler died Friday at a hospital.

Sgt. Gary Robertson says the boy’s mother walked into the backyard and saw him in the dog’s mouth and screamed. Robertson says the dog dropped the boy, the mom grabbed him and ran in the house to call for help.

Robertson says the parents are distraught and the boy’s death was an accident.

Nathan is the second toddler this year to die in San Bernardino County from a pit bull attack.

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