18 bodies found in Mexico mass grave were missing tourists

ALL 18 bodies unearthed this week from a mass grave near Acapulco were part of a group of Mexican tourists kidnapped in the Pacific resort city in late September, prosecutors said Saturday.

As of Friday, six bodies had been identified by family members in the state of Michoacan.

The 20 people kidnapped were all co-workers on an annual trip. Authorities said two are still missing.

The bodies came to light after two men in an amateur video posted on YouTube said they killed the “20 michoacanos,” and buried them in the area.

They said that they were ordered to kill the men in a revenge attack against the violent La Familia drug gang.

Guerrero state prosecutor David Sotelo earlier said the men in the video appeared to match two bodies found Tuesday in the area of the mass grave. A message on one of the bodies pointed to the mass grave.

An eruption of suspected drug violence has left over 28,000 people dead nationwide since the launch of a military clampdown on organized crime in 2006, according to official data.

Mass graves have been uncovered with greater frequency in recent months, while the use of chilling video messages has also become more common.

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