Wives are the last to know

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

I find it remarkable the head line stating “How did Col. Williams’s wife not know?”

Colonel Russell Williams, the former commander of CFB Trenton has been charged with two murders, two sex assaults and a string of fetish break-in, and is expected to plead guilty to the charges sometime today.  The question however is not about Colonel Williams’s guilt or innocence it is about how his wife could not know about is crime spree.

Why should anyone find this amazing is beyond me, because I cannot visualise a scenario where by Colonel Williams would commit is criminal activities and then go home and say ‘well dear would you believe what I just did, I just kill two people and sexually assault two more and incidentally I also have a few fetish breaking.  Of course he would not do that and therefore his wife would not contemplate her husband would be involved in such atrocities.

There is hardly any wife are girlfriend who is in a relationship with someone and believe that this person who they worship and adore is capable of committing crimes of this magnitude.  Considering that murdering another human being, is in my opinion the ultimate crime as I believe it take a particular sort of person with a warp mind to be able to cold-bloodedly take the like of another.

I believe that in each of us there is the possibility that we could murder another human being but for the majority of us this would only be done if we are fighting for our own lives or the lives of our children and or families, and that is then called self-defence.  However, there are those who seem to find murder a ‘walk in the park’.

I cannot even began to understand how Mrs Williams is feeling and how she is coping with the fact that the man that she married and hope to spend her life with, the man she slept beside for so many years as the ability to commit such outrageous crimes, crimes that not only devastate her life but the lives of the victims’ families so for anyone to add more stress to her already stressful life by asking ‘how could she not know about her husband’s crime is unfair.

Millions of women are living with and are married to men who are committing crimes and until they are caught these women are the last to know.  The terrorist that are terrorising our cities, and blowing-up building and killing hundreds of people are not going home telling their wives of their atrocities, of course not.

Peter Sutcliffe was going out killing prostitute, I am sure he never go home and tell his wife, look darling guest what I did tonight, I just murder a prostitute, well what do you think of that dear, of course not.  His wife like the rest of the nation found out only when he was arrested and charge for the crimes that he had committed.

So instead of asking ‘how could Colonel Williams’s wife not know’ we should be saying how we can support these women who find themselves married to monsters.  We need to try and put ourselves in their place.  I cannot begin to think what I would do if I was to found out that the man that I am married to could be capable of murdering another woman and then coming home and acting as if he is the best man there is and I do not envy what Mrs Williams must be going through.

She has to live with the stigma that her husband is a murderer, she has to live in a community that have a great deal of contempt for her she has to live with the knowledge that the families of the victim is looking at her with scorn in their eyes because her husband has deprived them of the people they care about.  How can you equate one person living with so much pain and frustration?

Therefore, it stands to reason that if she knew that her husband was leaving the home to commit these crimes it would have been in her best interest to inform the authorities of his crimes.

Bearing in mind that John Gacy another serial killer had a wife and he did not inform her that he was going out picking up young boys and men abusing them then killing them and then have the unmitigated gall to bury them in the basement of the house that he and his wife occupy.  Serial killers, in fact no killer would be so bold to tell their spouse of the inhumane things that they are capable of undertaking.

So spare a thought for the wives of these individuals because irrespective of what and how we feel they are equally a victim of their husbands crimes just as much as the individual lives that they has so callously taken.

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