Why are so many Jamaicans in US COURT?

By Sandrea:- MYGRIPE

It seems remarkable that every time that one look around there is another prominent Jamaican that is either being charged with drug offences or is being tried in the US.  Is it that the US security services are really good at their jobs are or they targeting Jamaican on drugs charges because they know that those charges are easy to prove.

Casting one’s mind back who among us can forget the saga of the extradition order for Christopher ‘Dudus Coke’, which seen violence on the island that left over seventy people dead and the subsequent surrender of Mr Coke, who is now languishing in a federal jail awaiting trial.

The whole world is waiting with baited breath to see the evidence that the US has amassed in order for them to request that Mr Coke be extradited to stand trial in the US on drugs and weapons violation charges, and that we eagerly await.  Whilst Mr Coke is awaiting his fate, yet another well established artiste is in a Florida court yet again charged with drugs offences.

Buju Banton, real name Mark Myrie, well established reggae artiste is currently fighting for his life and his music career in a Florida court on cocaine charges and having to prove that he is not a drug dealer.

So, once again the question that his causing me cause for great concern is whether these individuals are indeed guilty of the offences that they are being charged with or whether there is systematically a ploy to target Jamaicans on drugs charges in order to discredit them and put them behind bars.

Jamaica has produce some of the most prolific reggae artiste and anyone who knows the Jamaican culture would be naive to think that most of these guys do smoke their marijuana yet none of these individuals are charged with marijuana, they are charged with drugs such as cocaine which I find hard to believe.  If they were charge with using marijuana or even the supply of them I would find that more believable, but heroin and cocaine that I would have to see to believe.

It beggar belief that someone like Buju Banton who has worked hard for over 20 years to establish himself in the music business would be so foolish as to jeopardise is career for five kilo of cocaine, that would be so dumb and I cannot see someone like Buju being that stupid.

Over the last couple of years decent hard working Jamaicans living abroad had to sit back and watch as our country is destroyed by violence, the international media berate us because of idiotic groups such as the so-called ‘yardies’, that has used a friendly word that most Jamaicans used when they are returning to Jamaica, and turned it into a gang affiliated word.

I imagine that the late great Bob Marley and Sugar Minot must be turning over in their graves following the slurs that have been attached to reggae music and the subsequent arrest and trail of some of its prominent artiste.

Do not get me wrong if these individuals are involved with hard core drugs I have no problems with them being tried convicted and locked up because they would deserve it.  I am just a tiny bit sceptical about why it seems to be that the US is the country that these individuals are been tried in.

Now, as we wait for the outcome of Buju Banton trial we hope that the charges against him are proven unwarranted and that he can get back to doing what he does best, creating reggae music that so many people enjoy.

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