Who’s hand will the ‘blood’ stain?

By Sandrea:- MY GRIPE

Following the leak of thousand of documents relating to the Iraq Afghanistan war, and the subsequent fall-out there-of, should anyone lose their life as a direct result of the information that has been disclose then who’s ‘hand will the blood’ stain.

Rightly or wrongly Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, believe that his mission on this planet is to ‘stick’ it to politicians, he believe that he should reveal all their lies, clandestine operations, and the flaws that he believe was the backbone to the current military activities that was taken in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The focus on Julian Assange, I believe is misplaced, the Wikileaks founder does what he does best he has the ability to acquire documentation which show government weakness and the fact that the public is genuinely been lied to by their politicians.  However the biggest question is Julian could not get his hands on these documents if someone who has access to the information did not pass it on to him.

Obviously, whoever the ‘mole’ is that have passed these 92,000 documents along believe that they were doing the right thing.  The must have been so disgusted with with misinformation that is been fed to the general public that they believe the only way that they could re-dress the balance is to pass these sensitive documents along to Mr Assange.

In the wake of the information available to all with a computer, it would not be a stretch of the information to believe that their is a possibility that people could loose their lives, and if the report are to be believe this does not bother the Wikileaks founder, he may has he stated, “deeply regret” any harm caused by the disclosures. however, if he had it to do again then he would.

These disclosures will make it difficult for the US and her allies to undertake any other war, against for example Iran.  The public will not be willing to follow their leaders blindly into war anymore, given the information that has been made public by Wikileaks.

I have read, the interview that was held with the Wikileaks founder and from what he his saying there is still around 15,000 document that was not published, and that he had asked the ‘White House’ to “minimise the chances of innocent informers being named”. He said that the White House did not respond. I find that very strange that they (the White House) would refuse to do so.

Individuals like Wikileaks founder, is not someone who has any problems revealing governments clandestine operations or security secret, as they believe that the public has a right to know what their elected politicians are up to.  However, one has to agree that irrespective of how ridiculous politicians maybe there are some secret that should stay secret and people like Julian Assange should know that and respect it.

In this climate where there are so many people willing to become martyrs of terrorism, we cannot give them information that would allow them to undertake terror against either their own or others.

So, if anyone should lose their lives as a result of the publication of this sensitive information, I am afraid that Wikileaks founder cannot wash his hand of the ‘blood-stain’, he would be as guilty as the people who carry out the atrocities, he has to hope that his disclosures will not cause the life of anyone.

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