Three cops arrested over video killing

THREE policemen who were caught on video killing an unarmed man are now behind bars.

The cops were ordered arrested yesterday by Commissioner of Police, Owen Ellington following last night’s broadcast by TVJ of footage showing a shooting incident in Buckfield, St Ann.

The amateur video shows policemen beating and shooting to death Ian ‘Ching Sing’ Lloyd as he lay on the ground unarmed and subdued. Lloyd had been accused of earlier attacking and killing Loveta ‘Cherry’ Wilson, at her home in Buckfield.

An officer was overheard telling the writhing man to ‘Go inna the jeep’ while raining down blows from a baton. In trying to ward off the blows Lloyd grasped for stones and tossed them in the direction of the uniformed officer who was beating him.

Another plainclothes cop then walked up to the spot where Lloyd lay and waited until he took up a stone and attempted to hurl before firing a single shot in his upper body.

Investigators from the Bureau of Special Investigations have interviewed one of the arrested policemen. The other arrested policemen will be interviewed during the course of this weekend, police report.

Prior to the broadcast the Constabulary Communications Network had reported that lloyd was killed after he attacked officers with bottles and stones, but seconds after the airing, Ellington ordered the arrest of the cops involved and placed a stop order on them at all ports of exit.

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