Stupid lawsuit.

By Sandrea

The culture of suing people for anything and everything has been taken way out of proportion and I cannot believe the news I recently read.

“Woman who walked onto highway sues Google Maps”.  I read the story and I had to laugh at the stupidity of some people.

This woman,  using Google search engine from her blackberry, for a map, at which she has stated that the map functions failed and gave her directions that led her onto a highway where she was struck by a car.

Well, I never, so if the Google map had told her to go jump off a bridge would she have done so, of course not.

What happened to her eyes, could she not see that she was following  a busy rural  highway.

It beggars belief to think that we still want companies and organisations to pay for our own stupidity

As the report stated ” Others have pointed out that Rosenberg might have been best served by her own eyes after she reached a T-junction and found herself confronted with a patently unsafe walk”

This is one of the dumbest lawsuit that I have come across and I hope that the courts do not settle in her favour as it will open the flood-gate to people who commit stupid acts to sue the company or organisation.

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