Dogs Man’s best friend or Children’s worse emeny

By Sandrea

Over the last couple of month’s there have been a number of report where pet dogs have attacked children.  There was a report from California, Australia and now Brittain

This British 5 years, was reported to have terrible facial injuries after she was mauled by the  family American Bulldog.  The dog, as reported, was humanely put down by authorities Monday.

When will people learn that animals, although we have over many centuries tried to domesticate them, they remain with their basic instinct and it will always be that way.

It sadden me to the think that because of human beings drive to control all living creature, this dog had to be put down, because he return to the natural instinct that he was born with.

Human beings need to stop trying to control the animals, we need to leave then in their natural habitat and let them behave in the manner in which they should.

We have taken the lions, tigers, elephants, snakes, alligators, crocodiles, monkeys, you name the animal and we have tried to control them in some way shape, or form.

Like human beings they are born with their survival instincts and irrespective of how we try to tame them and make them our pets those instincts are always there.  We should have more respect for the animals and creatures that we share the planet with and STOP trying to rule them.

My sympathies goes out to this little girl, because she was an innocent victim in this sad episode.  I am however, annoyed that the dog had to be put to sleep.

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