Science and Scientist – do not always know the answer

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

Scientist always seems to want to find a rational explanation for everything that happen in our world and when they failed to find the answers they then decide it is best to rubbish people’s faith.  Unfortunately, despite all their bigotry there are many of us who do believe in God and believe that miracles do happen.

There is no dispute that science and scientist have played a major role within our society and their research and subsequent cure that they have found over many years have been beneficial to the human race.  However, I find it rather condescending that they believe that they are the only ones with answers to every cure that many people has seen happen.

Reading an article published in the Australian news, entitled ‘Doctors attribute sudden cancer cure to biology, not God’, is rather condescending on the part of these Doctors.  Who are they to determine what is or is not a miracle?  The same way in which they expect us to believe that they have the ability to cure the majority of our ails, they need to respect the majority of people who believe that that some ailments that have been cure without traditional medicine is attribute to God.

The reason that we coined the phrase ‘unexplained’ is because sometimes thing happen that neither the person who it as happen to or the medical profession cannot explained why someone would miraculous recover from an ailment and other would die from the same, and we believe that God is the instrument that facilitate this then they should respect our believes and stop rubbishing our faith.

It annoyed me when section of the medical profession believe that they can answer everything that happen in the human body, they seems to forget that they are not the creator of human beings and despite the fact that they may be able to dissect and map DNA, have a great knowledge of how our bodies work, there are still aspect of the human body that they will never be able to understand the reasons that they sometimes repair itself regardless of what they tell us may or may not happen, so they should leave us to believe in our miracle.

Their statement is tantamount to individual that have reported seeing a UFO, or being abducted by alien, they are made to feel like they are liars, because the majority of humans will not have that kind of sightings or have been abducted does not means it has not happen to these people.  The same with having an encounter with what we call a ghost, most people have never seen one but the majority of us who have come across one will never forget the experience and there is no one including these so-called scientist that is going to tell me that there is no such thing, until they do they cannot tell me no bull, about sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis.

There are more things that has happen miraculously within this planet that far outweighs the knowledge of scientist and they should open their minds to the possibility that they do not have all the answers to how and what make our environment behave in the manner it does and that the faith and beliefs that many people has, have been the lynch-pin that has enable us to live our life believing that there is a greater power that exist outside our realm and that is what we call God.

Unlike many people, I believe in angels yet I have never seen one but, I do not disbelieve those that have had an encounter with these beings.  Science cannot explain angels where they come from what they are and why they seems to be able to help individuals out of life threatening situation, it is a miracle and that’s the way it should remain and we who have faith do not need science to explain every little thing and find rational explanation for the unexplained.

Irrespective of the fact that some incidents of miracles that people have reported over the years have been proven to be something else, there still remains a percentage of events that have no rational explanation and so long as this percentage of unexplained remains then we are always going to believe that there is a God that his granting us this miracles and nothing science say will deter the die-hard from this believe.

So I would appreciate these Doctors not trying to make us believe that everything is explainable because they are not.

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