‘Feral’ British women jailed after torturing friend for 18 hours

TWO young British women were jailed for the “sadistic” kidnapping and torture of a friend they discovered slept with one of their ex-boyfriends.

Lucy Viner-Mood, 22, and Lois Gibson, 18, locked Georgia Fenn in an apartment and battered her unconscious during an assault that lasted more than 18 hours, Sky News reported.

She suffered a broken nose, second-degree burns to her chin and two black eyes and was covered in blood after the attack.

The pair, described as “feral” by police, lured her back to their apartment in Kent, southern England, on the evening of March 28.

They stubbed cigarettes out all over her body, doused her in boiling water and stamped on her until she passed out after they discovered she had sex with Viner-Mood’s ex-boyfriend.

Fenn was eventually thrown out of the apartment at 2pm local time the next day, wearing only a robe.

Judge Martin Joy, who described the assault as “evil,” sentenced Viner-Mood to five years in jail and Gibson to three years in a young offenders institution after both admitted false imprisonment and assault causing actual bodily harm at Maidstone Crown Court in Kent.

Fenn told the court she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.”It’s been a really dreadful time, and I have been really badly affected,” she said.

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