‘Dudus’ was tipped off – former police commissioner

Former police commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin has disclosed that alleged crime lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was tipped off about his extradition request.

Speaking last night on CVM TV’s current affairs programme Direct, Admiral Lewin said the leak occurred on August 24.

“The leak happened within minutes after I met with the national security minister to inform him about the extradition request which was expected the following day,” said Admiral Lewin.

Admiral Lewin would not reveal the source of his information. But he said it was frightening that minutes after he met with the national security minister to brief him about the pending extradition request, Christopher Coke was informed.

Admiral Lewin said he was also troubled by the response of the Prime Minister when he sat with Golding at Vale Royal to brief him about the pending extradition request for Mr Coke.

Admiral Lewin said had there been secrecy and the usual procedures in extradition matters, Coke could have been nabbed within 20 minutes after a warrant was signed for his arrest. Instead it took just over a month.

The extradition request formally came to the Jamaican authorities on August 25, a day after commissioner Lewin briefed the national security minister and the Prime Minister.

Admiral Lewin has declined to say who tipped off Dudus. But he is insisting that it was a strange coincidence that the leak occurred minutes after his briefing with the national security minister.

Coke was extradited on June 24 having waived his rights to a hearing in Jamaica.

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