12 wanted men surrender same day -Hours after being named by police

TWELVE men who were this morning named by police as most wanted, turned themselves over to the cops hours later.

Among those who are now in police custody is Michealous Phipps, also known as ‘Zeekie’ the son of incarcerated Matthews Lane don, Donald ‘Zeeks’ Phipps.

Rohan Hope — the brother of slain One Order don, Andrew ‘Bun Man’ Hope — was handed over to Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Rose by attorney Peter Champagnie. The attorney also turned in Mark ‘Mark II’ Walters.

“I had discussion with ACP Rose and handed over the two gentlemen. They went in because they heard their names were on the list and they wanted to assist the police in their investigations,” Champagnie told the Observer.

Police say Hope has taken over the leadership of the Spanish Town-based One Order gang since the death of his brother in February 2006. Walters is said to be a member of a gang based in Allman Town in Central Kingston.

Cleveland ‘Cassie’ Downer — the leader of a gang based in a community known as ‘Common’ which runs off Red Hills Road — has also given himself up.

Other members of the Common gang who are now in police custody are Richard Francis o/c Red Head, Jermaine Smith and Audley Strachan.

Kareem Allen, the son of slain South Side don, Franklyn ‘Chubby Dread’ Allen has also turned himself in.

The other wanted men who gave themselves up are Horace Ramsay also called ‘Pugu’ of South Side, Kevin Myers, also called ‘Forehead’, Kevin Elliott otherwise called ‘Killer’ of Fletcher’s Land and Andre Buchanan also called Mills of Anderson Road in Woodford Park.

Eleven other wanted men named today remain at large.

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