10 men you should be dating in this economy

ONCE upon a time, every woman’s dream was to end up with a lawyer, doctor, just about anyone with a college-accredited brain who was holding a high-profile job. But as the recession takes its toll, many women are realising that basic needs — like gas, food and a good mechanic — far outweigh the need to profile with a ‘smart’ man who can’t drill a hole in the wall. And then comes the lightbulb moment, when they realise that if they had someone fixing their cars for free, or helping them build their dream homes, the expenses would decrease.

While some women pass off the professions below as being too blue collar for their taste, others are wising up to the realisation that a man with skills beats a smarty pants who sits in an office playing Solitaire all day.

Here are the 10 men you should be dating:

1. The chef. With rising food prices making dinner options slimmer for the gal on a budget, dating a chef will open the options up. Chefs can make anything look classy, and can whip up a corned-beef surprise that even the most discriminating palates will appreciate. And if your chef happens to work full time in a nice restaurant, remember that he also has first dibs on discounts and leftovers. Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about cooking.

2. The gas pump attendant. While this may seem insignificant, some stations allow their workers to take gas and pay for it at the end of the week/fortnight, and they may also get discounts. Along with this, is the added benefit of having him inform you beforehand that prices will be going up or down, so you can top up and reap the benefits.

3. The policeman or soldier. He may not make much, but not only will you have your personal bodyguard to serve, protect and reassure, with the policeman you also have a man who will get you out of those $5,000 speeding tickets — and any girl can appreciate that. And with dating an army man, you’ll be constantly reassured that you are safe and secure — no thief or scoundrel will dare come near you with a man like that by your side.

4. The mechanic. Fixing a car is not cheap. Dating a mechanic allows you the benefits of learning where the most affordable parts can be bought and better yet, he will fix your vehicle free of cost. He will also ensure that your vehicle is free from problems and always roadworthy.

5. The National Housing Trust (NHT) employee. While you may prefer dating one of the managers at the NHT, note that workers have a host of benefits that you too can profit from. They are allowed staff loans at minimal interest rates; they are first informed of schemes to be built with some staff members even being considered for purchasing. You’ll be in the loop and will be on the way to owning your own home, or homes, faster.

6. The construction worker. Do you have a piece of land but the labour costs to build would send you to the poorhouse? Consider dating a construction worker. Not only do you get the added benefit of the ripped muscles that every concrete slinger seems to sport, but you get free and excellent labour from a man who also doesn’t mind getting dirty when it matters.

7. The taxi driver. Talk about eliminating the need to purchase your own vehicle and putting that money towards something else! A taxi driver will take you anywhere you want to go at no cost, while doing your drop-offs and pick-ups — and he’ll beat the traffic while doing so! What better way to save on travelling expenses?

8. The farmer. The farmer will guarantee you an endless supply of fresh food, and with food prices being so ridiculously high, you could do well with a man like this. And any man who appreciates nature like farmers do, will also appreciate you, God’s creation.

9. The utility worker (cable/electricity/ water). With your dollar already stretched to the limit, having a utility worker can — believe it or not — be of some benefit. He’ll be able to wire or pipe your house at no cost to you and can get you great discounts on the services. Plus, all those stories you hear about the cable guy are true — not only do you get free cable hook-up, but you get some interesting eye candy as well.

10. The plumber. Leaking pipes can cost you a fortune to fix. A plumber will work on your pipes for free and ensure that there’s always water flowing in your home.

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