What’s wrong with Our Justice System?

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

Sometimes I do not know if it is me that is nick-picking but I believe there is something extremely wrong with our justice system.

I am annoyed because of the Anthony Marsh case.  This is a man who stabbed his girlfriend 30 times and not satisfying with that he then plunged the knife into the head of their child, a 10 month old baby girl.  This child only crime was to be born into the household that Anthony Marsh was a part of.  The fact that this baby was his own flesh and blood never crosses his mind.

You can forgive me for been mad as hell because I cannot believe that after he confess to these gruesome murders and after a jury of his peers find him guilty, and sentenced him to life in prison, good that is what he deserve until I read further where the Judge decide that he should spend at least 26 years behind bars before he become illegible for parole – see why I am mad.

I do believe that people commit crimes in the heat of the moment and sometimes these people can be parole if they are deem not to be menace to society.  However I draw the lines when it comes to an adult taking the life of a child.  This idiot did not smother the baby, he plunged a knife into the head of a 10 month old baby and for that he should not ever be released from prison.

The jury gave him life and it should mean life.  Anthony Marsh should never get the opportunity to ever get out of prison and into the community again.  The day that he decided to murder his girlfriend and the baby, that was the day that he lost all right to live among civilised people. He does not deserve the sympathy of the community and especially the parole board.  He took away a life that had a lot of potential but was never given the chance.  Who knows what that baby could have grown up to be but her life was cut short because of the callousness of Anthony Marsh and to even contemplate him being parole after 26 year is an insult to the Stephanie Bellinger family.

His feeble excuses that he heard voices in his head is in my opinion a load of croc, he killed them out of revenge and to cover his disgraceful deed he suddenly his hearing voices.  He not only destroys the lives of two human beings he destroyed his family because they have to live with the knowledge that they have a family member capable of committing such a dreadful and horrible crime against, especially a child who could not defend herself.

If he was truly hearing voices why did he lock the 2 year boy in the house after committing the murder of his mother and sister?  His he about to tell us that he only hear voices that gives him selective instructions, what a load of bull, he was truly hearing voices everyone in that house would have died.  The fact that he left the 2 year alive and locks him in the house is a demonstration of the fact that he knew full well what he did.  So I for one will not buy his feeble attempt to justify is disgusting behaviour and neither should anyone else.

I hope and pray that Stephanie family is around and will ensure that he never leave the four walls of his prison cell, I hope his actions will haunt him for the rest of his miserable life.  I hope that their deaths will be the last thing he sees at night and the first thing he visualise in the morning.

I am rather disappointed with the Judge he should never have recommend any specific time he should just sent him to prison for the rest of his natural life and he should died there.

Having read this story at Sky News I was myth at one of the individual who commented on the story and they wrote:-

“ I am no leftie do-gooder and I have a young daughter myself and of course I realise this man (if that’s what he is) is low life scum, but for those of you who think prison is an easy option I ask this, how many of you have ever been to prison? Well I have and if I had a choice between a 1 second drop and it’s all over or 25 years sweating it out in the hole that is prison I know which I opt for. You really have no idea what hell prison is. There are no play stations, human rights nonsense of any of the rubbish you read in the tabloids, just day after day of watching your back and looking at dull green walls with nothing but hard core depression for entertainment. Prison is living hell and until you have experienced it and lost your freedom you don’t have a clue how valuable it is”.

I would like to say to that individual, I hope that prison for Anthony Marsh is everything that she describe because if anyone deserve to be treated that way then he surely does.  Regardless of whatever her experience was in prison it is still better to be locked up in a British prison that say prisons in Asia. Let me say her comments do not make me feel an iota bit of sympathy for that creep.

Read the story about Anthony Marsh at Sky News

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