What is Julian Assange up to – is he stupid?

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange is extremely hard for me to fathom at the moment, I cannot decide if he has a genuine desire to bring the truth to the world or he his just absolutely a stupid man who have no regard for anything or anyone only for his own self gratification.

We all know that government keep secrets and it does not take Einstein to know the reasons that they do so.  I would agree that there are some aspects of government that they need to inform the public about however, the previous and current  leaks that Julian Assange is putting on his website, in my opinion is dangerous and compromise the manner in which government can and will do their jobs in order to protect its citizen.

Irrespective of what the authority might say and the fact that they are suggesting that these leaks do not affect their respective government and the way in which they conduct their affairs is rather infantile and these are the kind of ridiculous stories that make the like of Julian Assange willing to put their lives on the line to reveal government secrets.

These leaks affect, United States, Britain, France, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, North Korea and the list most probably will continue.  Regardless of how we feel about our respective government I do not believe that these leaks are beneficial to the general public.  These leaks have highlighted difference between varying countries and in the fight globally against terrorism, we want our allies to be united and these leaks has the potential of dividing them and we should never allow this to happen.

What amazes me is that Julian Assange believes that he could exposed so much government secrets and walk away from this without any repercussions.  He now has an Interpol ‘Red Notice ‘warrant issued on behalf of Sweden, where he is wanted on suspicion of rape and sexual molestation.  Whether these charges are dismissed is proven false and should he even win his day in a Swedish court, mud stick and he will always going to be associated with sexual assault.  This kind of stigma on ones character does not inspire public confidence in believing what other leaks his website will offer.

I read with amusement the comment that his mother made to the ‘The Courier Mail’ in which she stated that she is certain that her son would never rape anyone and that she believe he is being set-up.  Well of course as a mother she would have to believe that her child is incapable of such a heinous crime however what she should have been telling him is that if you play with fire that you are certainly going to get burn.

WikiLeaks Editor-in-chief have taken on some of the worlds, most powerful nation, he has leaked secrets that should have been allowed to stay in diplomatic places that they were meant to be and having open ‘Pandora Box’ he cannot shut it now and the consequences of his actions will eventually be his own downfall, and he has no one to blame but himself.

There is a 90% chance that if he ever gets into a court in Sweden he is going to be convicted and will most likely spend a good many years in prison, and what would he have achieved?  Most of the countries that had information leaked are queuing up to tell the world that they do not believe that this would damage their relationship, even if this is only for outward appearance they are uniting with each other.

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