Waltham gunmen protest crony’s killing

Firefighters clear debris in Waltham this morning, after gunmen blocked the road to protest the police killing of one of their cronies

GUNMEN this morning fired shots to divert traffic on lower Waltham Park Avenue in St Andrew, as they protested the police killing of one of their cronies Tuesday night.

The gangsters, irate about the shooting death of a man identified only as ‘Cup Head’, set fire to debris they strew in the roadway and opened fire in the air, scaring motorists, residents said.

Police from the Hunt’s Bay Police Station turned up on the scene but were greeted with gunshots, before the gunmen eventually retreated.

No one was injured, however.

At least two fire units were summoned to out out the fires.

“Dem a come out and a protest ‘bout gunman and the man [killed] is a known murderer,” said a resident who came out when the police showed up. “All woman him kill,” the male resident added.

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