TSA apologises to man whose pat-down left him covered in urine

THE Transportation Security Administration (TSA) apologised today to a bladder cancer survivor from Michigan who was recently humiliated during an aggressive pat-down that left him covered in his own urine.

Thomas Sawyer, 61, said a TSA agent broke the seal of his urostomy during a pat-down at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on November 7. After relating his experience to several media outlets, he received a call from TSA head John Pistole today.

“TSA Administrator John Pistole reached out to Mr. Sawyer today to hear about his experience and assure him that we are reviewing the incident,” the TSA said in a statement.

Sawyer is among several people who have come forward to relate an embarrassing or shocking experience with the new airport screening procedures, which include a new, more invasive pat-down and full-body scanners that produce graphic, “naked” images of passengers.

“From leadership to the front line, TSA is sensitive to the needs and challenges of all passengers,” the statement added.

“We have done extensive outreach to the disability community, and our officers take seriously their responsibility to be respectful and professional throughout the screening process.”

The TSA last week said it was also reviewing a female flight attendant and cancer-survivor’s claim that she was asked to remove her prosthetic breast during a security screening in North Carolina in August, according to WBTV.

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