Spy got thrills being locked up

BRITAIN: A spy who was found naked and zipped up in a red duffel bag in the bathtub of his London apartment apparently suffocated after a bizarre love-making game went wrong.

Police believe maths genius Gareth Williams, 30, died accidentally from a lack of oxygen after he agreed to be locked in the 80cm-long sports bag by another person, the Sun newspaper reported.

Sources said the MI6 agent was a fan of claustrophilia – in which people get sexual pleasure from confined spaces.

Police have suggested that the person who zipped up the bag discovered Williams dead and fled the apartment. They have ruled out foul play but are still trying to trace the other person.

An examination of his two laptops showed Williams visited websites on claustrophilia.

He also had links to a bondage and a sadomasochism website. Wigs were found in his flat. Williams was zipped into a large North Face bag and a padlock was snapped shut through two eyeholes in the handles – but the key was found inside.

Toxicology tests found no trace of any drugs, alcohol or poisons. Williams, who worked at the Government Communications Headquarters fighting cyber warfare, was living in London on a temporary assignment for MI6.

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