Sarah Palin – Put up or shut up (Part 2)

By Sandrea:-OPINION

See the headline I used “Put up or shut up” accurately describe what Sarah Palin should to, because every time she open her mouth she self destroy her own self.

This is the woman who has the unmitigating gall to be criticising Barack Obama, and she cannot even differentiate between North and South Korea and which of these country is an ally of the US.

Sarah, it is South Korea, you see North Korea is a communist country and they are the ones who are showing aggression against South Korea.

If Sarah Palin which to be considered to run against Barack Obama for the US Presidency the she better start getting her geopolitical knowledge up-to-date. It would appear that every time she speaks she continue to put her foot in her mouth. This is rather sad for a person who wants to become President of one of the biggest democracy in the world

She should not be taking about ‘national policy when she cannot even get  which Korean country is allied with the US and furthermore she seems to believe that there is some kind of quick fixed systems to solve the problems in Asia, she obviously forget that before Barack Obama there were George Bush and he did not have any quick fixed antidote for the problems and the two wars that have been undertaken during Bush Presidency is still plaguing the world today and we are still to see any substantial gains from going to war in both these country.

I am so annoyed that this woman seems to take every opportunity she gets to criticise the President and yet she as not offer any substantial and worthwhile advice or a policy that she would employ to resolve the current problem all that she has to offer is to be unable to differentiate  between South and North Korea.

Americans, in my view are very intelligent people and they would do themselves a great injustice if they were to nominate Palin to run for the Presidency, the US require a President that can play on the world stage, one with the ability to not only cater for domestic policies but world affairs and irrespective of what Sarah Palin said she is not in Barack Obama class and never will be at the very least he knows who the US allies are.

She should take Barbara Bush’s advice and stay in her little corner of the world as being on the world stage is not for everyone and certainly not her.  She needs to leave the big boys to play because coming into their league is for the strong and the tough.

Whatever one’s politics were, one has to agree that there was only one Margaret Thatcher and although they eventual depose her she was a force to reckon with.  Sarah Palin cannot put herself anywhere near Margaret Thatcher, there is no comparison whatsoever.  You may not have liked Mrs Thatcher but when she speaks you had to listen.

My advice to Sarah Palin is to stick to writing books she may succeed in that field she should certainly leave politics alone, politics is not for the weak minded and it demands a level of character, strength and tenacity and few have all of those traits.

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