Payment to Huntley – Travesty of justice

By Sandrea:- MY GRIPE

Following reports that convicted killer Ian Huntley is seeking to sue the prison authority for an attack on his person, and to further seek compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, totalling £95,000, would amount to a travesty of justice.

He has a unmitigated gall to even consider suing the authority.  He seems to forget that the reason that he his behind bars is the fact that he has taken the lives of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.  I do not see those parents suing him for taking away the lives of their children, robbing both sets of parents the joy of seeing their children graduate from university, marrying, giving them grandchildren, those dreams and aspirations that every parents have regarding their off-springs are gone forever.

What make Ian Huntley thinks he his special and that he should have his rights protected and they should not be violated.  He has committed one of the most offensive violation, he has taken human life.  These children were only 10 years old, they did not have the opportunity to even become teenagers when unfortunately they had the misfortune of meeting that monster, and they did not live, he took their young lives away.

He’s flipping lucky that he was only scarred, at the very least he lived to tell the tales of his attack, and if I had my say in the matter there would be a few choice words that I would use against him and what should happen to him and being only scarred would not be one of those words.

I, sincerely hope that the authorities is not even considering given Ian Huntley the time of day.  If he did not want to be placed in a situation that made him vulnerable to being attacked then he would not have cold-bloodily and callously murdered Jessica and Holly.  In my opinion he deserve all that he got and he should be grateful that the UK justice system is more humane than a number of US states in that the UK have abolished capital punishment.  He should be glad that he was not hanged, left dangling on a piece of rope until his miserable life was drained from his useless body, for the heinous crime that he committed.

The affront of people like Ian Huntley never fails to surprise me, they somehow have these warp ideas that their lives are more important that the lives of the people they have taken. He should not be even contemplating trying to make taxpayers compensating him for whatever he deemed happened to him in the attack, the public is already forking out enough to keep him and his miserable existence in prison and that is too much, and then he wants more – what a cheek.

Jack Straw, when his party was in government, stated that they had ‘no intentions’ compensating Huntley for the attack and I hope that this coalition government takes the same stance otherwise, they are going to upset a great many people, more so the parents of the girls that Huntley murdered.

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