Equality for women – Iran lost UN seat

By Sandrea: – OPINION

Iran losing the UN seat to East Timor on the panel for equality for women should come as no surprise to them, polling the lowest vote should act as a reminder to Iran that the west and member of the UN are totally dissatisfied with the manner in which they treat the females in their society.

It is more that an effrontery for Iran to even put forward their name to become a part of equality for women panel considering the way in which they regard women and the treatment that they are currently dishing out to Ashtiani.  Everyone agrees that when someone commits murder irrespective of whether they are male or female they should be punish, but it should be done so in a humane manner and not archaic methods such as stoning, this type of punishment has no place in a 21st century society it is barbaric and a disgrace to humanity.

It would however, have been interesting to see what, if they were given the opportunity to serve on the panel, the contribution that they would indeed offer, as I cannot believe that a regime that treat women like the plague would have any kind of constructive input in the equality of women.

Iran have to understand that if they wish to become a part of a progressive society and play an important role in world affairs then they have to re-evaluate the way in which they treat their citizens especially the female in their society.  They have to realise that in their forefathers era it may have been acceptable for them to stone women to death with little regard for the fact that these are human beings that they are treating worse than one would treat an animal. However, in this the 21st century the world look on those kinds of methods as out-dated and should  not still be part of a modern society and until Iran drag it legal system into this century they will always be isolated from the rest of the world.

It is unbelievable to think that they really would want to play a role on that panel.  They need to address their systems and traditional clap trap in the way they cater to the needs of female and when they have demonstrate their desire to change then the world will welcome them with open arms.

The Iranian should be assured that western society do not want them to compromise their legal systems in order that it become ineffective what we need to see is that they drag it into the 21st century so that there is equality in both sexes and that male does not have dominion over female.  This they can  be accomplish without them losing their religious beliefs are religious freedom.

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