Change our attitudes or we won’t win the war on drugs

By Sandrea

The war on drugs can never be won so long as the rewards for cultivating, supplying and dealing drugs are so high.

When one look at the amount of monetary gains that has been placed in the hands of the drugs lords, over many years, it is not inconceivable to believe that these individuals will go to any lengths to maintain the status quo.  The war on drugs is not hurting the people that it should hurt, it is hurting the ordinary joe blogg on the street.  These are the people who are hooked on either heroin, cocaine, marijuana,  meths,you name it and the suppliers are willing to risk life and limb to ensure that the general population have access to these poison.

The thoughts that the US over the last 40 years have spent $1.5 trillion in the fight against the drugs and drugs trafficking is mind-blogging.  If we are to believe the report having spent that amount of money they have yet to make a dent in the trafficking of drugs.

I, do not believe that we learnt anything from history.  Any items that is illegal or hard to come by generate enormous amount of cash.  One just has to go back to the days of prohibition to see that in that period the mafia, made a great deal of money, because it was illegal and they have the resources to ensure that the irrespective of the government ban on alcohol, the people would get it one way or another.  It is the same with drugs.

The amount of people that his hooked on the various drugs are huge.  The drug barons are well aware of this, and therefore , they have no compunction in ensuring that their drugs get to these people.  If it means that they have to murder a few people, bribe a few politicians, then that is a small price for them to pay to keep the drugs flowing.

For law enforcement to win the war on drugs, they have to first reduce the level of addicts.  By taking out the some of the drugs baron you do not curtail drugs because for everyon that the authority kill or put in prison there are another 50- 100 ready to take their place.

I believe that if the emphasis shift to reducing addicts, then we may have a chance in putting dent in the drug lords profits.  Lets not waste another $1.5 trillion fighting the drugs war the wrong way, let us use our intelligent to beat the drug baron.  At the moment it would appear that these drugs baron are more clever than government and authority.  It is time we change that way of thinking.

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