Big trouble for Lil Wayne in New York City jail

RAPPER Lil Wayne’s efforts to keep up the beat behind bars have gotten him in trouble in jail, officials say.

The Grammy Award-winner faces potential discipline after jail officers found a charger and headphones for a digital music player stashed in his cell on Monday, Correction Department spokesman Stephen Morello says.

Lil Wayne is serving a year-long sentence after pleading guilty to a gun charge.  The items are considered contraband, as inmates can listen to music only on radios and headphones sold at the jail store.  Lil Wayne’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, had no immediate comment today.

Officers said the music player itself turned up in another inmate’s nearby cell.  Both men were charged with infractiPunishments can include being segregated from other inmates.  Lil Wayne, 27, began serving his term in March in the city’s Rikers Island jail complex.

He pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, admitting he had a loaded semi-automatic gun on his bus in 2007.ons that aren’t crimes and will be subject to a jail disciplinary process, not a court.

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