Are Jamaicans proud? – I don’t think so

By Sandrea

I beleive that most Jamaicans are reeling with anger.  I imagine that they cannot believe what is happening to their country.

The fact, that the extradition documents has been signed you would have thought that there would be a sense of calm over the island, instead the signing of the document seems to just be the fuse that has lit the fire that is currently raging in the country.

How can it be possible that one person can grip a nation, without even lifting a finger, hold it’s people to ransom.  Yet, throughout this unfortunate saga the man behind all of this continue to remain silent.  I am sick and tired of reading about Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.  I think it is time that the newspapers focus on something else, like the number of people that are losing their lives needlessly.

For, some reason all the papers have elevate Mr Coke, to celebrity status.  What kind of world this is that someone who is allegedly involve in drugs and guns can be given such focus, almost topple a Prime Minister and with all the controversy surrounding him still manage to remain as quiet .

I believe Jamaicans should now start forgetting this chapter of their lives and begin to unite to form a  stable and unify country irrespective of what party is governing the country.  They must remember that firstly, they are Jamaicans.  In order for democracy to be then there have to be different parties with varying ideologies.

I hate to see this piece of paradise been washed away in a sea of violence and confusion.  People turning against each other, enough is enough.  Lets not go into 2011 which this kind of negative behaviour.  Come on people let us start the process of healing.

There are so many denominations of churches in the country they need to call a national day of prayer.

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