Archbishop of Canterbury calls for loyalty in tough times

THE Archbishop of Canterbury will speak today of the importance of mutual dependence, fellowship and loyalty during the current economic situation.

In his Christmas Day sermon, Dr Rowan Williams will stress the need to share the burdens of adversity as some people face testing times amid the downturn.

He will say: “Faced with the hardship that quite clearly lies ahead for so many in the wake of financial crisis and public spending cuts, how far are we able to sustain a living sense of loyalty to each other, a real willingness to bear the load together?

“How eager are we to find some spot where we feel safe from the pressures that are crippling and terrifying others?

“As has more than once been said, we can and will as a society bear hardship if we are confident that it is being fairly shared; and we shall have that confidence only if there are signs that everyone is committed to their neighbour, that no-one is just forgotten, that no interest group or pressure group is able to opt out.”

The Archbishop will also refer to the forthcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, stating the Christian bond of marriage is a symbol of hope for humanity.

He will say: “Next year, we shall be joining in the celebration of what we hope will be a profoundly joyful event in the royal wedding.

“It is certainly cause for celebration that any couple, let alone this particular couple, should want to embark on the adventure of Christian marriage, because any and every Christian marriage is a sign of hope, since it is a sign and sacrament of God’s own committed love.”

The Archbishop will also single out the strong bond between those in the Armed Forces and their loved ones.

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