3 arrested in UK for stealing Stradivarius violin

LONDON—British police say three people have been arrested for stealing a 1.2 million-pound ($1.85 million) antique violin from a musician at a London train station.

Twenty-six-year-old John Maughan and two teenagers were charged on Wednesday in the theft of the 300-year-old Stradivarius. The teens, aged 16 and 14 years old, cannot be named for legal reasons. Maughan is in custody and the two teenagers are free on bail.

Police said Min Jin Kym went inside a sandwich shop outside Euston station on Nov. 29 with her 1696 violin to get something to eat. About half an hour later she noticed that her violin case, which also contained two bows—one worth 62,000 pounds ($95,492)—was missing.

An insurance company has offered a 15,000 pound reward for information.

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