As human beings we have the need to be in a relationship, females are raised to believe that in order to fulfil our requirement, marriage and children is the purpose of our lives.

Over the centuries many females realise that the traditions that were inflicted on women are no longer necessary for the modern female and they do not have to be involved in a relationship in order to have a productive life.

However, there are still those who firmly believe that if they are not in a relationship then there must be something wrong with them.  After all it is assumed that love is the most profound emotion known to human beings and that romantic relationship are sometimes the most meaningful elements of our lives.

So how do we survive a relationship meltdown and what are the signs that we should look for in order to determine that our relationship is going south.

Firstly, a relationship that begins with lies, deceit and treachery are doomed as the truth will emerge, when it does the meltdown can be catastrophic for one of the party.

Imagine after a long period without a relationship you met someone who you believe is Mr. Right, he says the right things, made all the right moves and for the first three months, the relationship seems to be perfect.  Suddenly he began to ask for small financial favours, a small loan here and there, then it escalates to wanting you to purchase electronic devices such a laptop, iPhone and other costly gadgets.  The warning bells should start ringing, but people in love do stupid things.

When circumstances cause you to be unable to purchase other things that he demand, you are no longer going out to dinner because you cannot afford  to pick up every tab, then the phone calls stop coming from him, when you call his phone it goes straight to voice mail, you make all manner of excuses for his actions  you began to pursue him relentlessly seeking answers, but to no avail.

The scenario as outline above happen precisely to a friend and she meltdown in such a way that we were concerned that she may harm herself, as she believe that she had found the love of her life and to be let down in such a manager was more that she could cope with at the time. Although her friends try to make her see that he uses her for what he could get and when she could no longer afford to literally buy things for him, he just move onto another unsuspected victim.

The relationship should be a two way street and there is nothing wrong with a female picking up the tab, every now and then or even purchasing items for someone that they love, but if this is one sided then one must, or should be aware that something is fundamentally wrong in the relationship and do not let it escalate out of your control.

In every relationship there are signs to be aware of and irrespective of how much you love someone if you are unhappy in that relationship then it is not worth pursuing.  Follow your instinct, if it tells you that something is not working, do not ignore it, if you are the one doing all the chasing, ease back and see what happen, if the financial demands are frequented, be cautious.  Try to be as level-headed as you can use your head to rule your heart and not the other way around. You can survive a relationship meltdown

Whether it is from a male or female point of view an unhealthy relationship is the worse kind there is and although it is easier said than done, in the interest of your sanity one should terminate a relationship when it goes bad.

By Sandrea: My Opinion