Over the last few days the popular press is filled with so-called celebrities that are either bankrupt, struggling with drugs and some supposedly suffering from paranoia.

Looking at these individuals who were given such enormous talents, one that should enrich their lives, but instead they create a noose around their necks because they fail to recognize the awesome power of the Almighty God and their lives now becomes a nightmare.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Devil’s job is to cause disruption among our lives, he is there to ensure that poverty, destitution, greed, crime and criminal behaviour is rife throughout our everyday existence and the only way to defeat this demon is to make sure that we put God into the mix each and every day.

It is very important that we understand that our strength comes not from shutting God out of our life, but ensuring that he his the focus of everything that we do, we need to give him praise for the small blessings that we receive each day.  Regardless of what it may be, it could be a smile from a child, a walk in the park, a friend calling on you these are important aspects of praising God.

The Devil is wide awake in our society, he his making sure that our lives are as miserable as he can make it and his only reason for doing so is to make us turn away from God grace, and when we do he wins all the time.  Each and every one of us was given a talent by God and how we use it and spread it around within our society is important and should we allow the Devil to fool us into believing that we have to be selfish with our God given talent then what we see is the spiral of downfall that will plague our lives.

Irrespective of what we believe there is a God and faith is the way to test this power exist and when we choose to ignore our beliefs we find ourselves up the stream without a paddle and allow Satan to seep through and ruin our lives.

I need no evidence or proof that God exists, he works miracles in my life each and every day and I glorify his amazing name and I keep my faith steadfast regardless of how many obstacles the Devil throws in my path and because of that I am able to say ‘get thee behind me Satan’ knowing that God has my back, he his the strong shoulder that I lean on and when I need miracles in my life he provides them without fail.

Let us take back our lives, let us give them over to the most high, let our prayers be our strong strength and show the Devil that regardless of how rampant he may be in our communities, there is a higher power that he cannot defeat and by doing so drug addiction, bankruptcy, paranoia and any other negative things that the Devil throws at us will be cast aside.

We have to remember that with God in the vessel we can all smile at the storm, so no matter what your troubles are today, kneel before God and pray to him to take them away from you and more importantly you must believe that he will take your troubles away, and then see how awesome the power of God operates.  Glory be to the father, ‘let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, oh God my strength and my redeemer’.

By Sandrea: My Opinion