As over 10,000 people marched in Dublin to protest the death of a 31 year old female, I ask myself the question was it necessary for this young woman to lose her life.

The woman, according to media report was hospitalized because she was having a miscarriage, doctors refuse to remove the fetus until, in their opinion there was no heartbeat. 

As a former midwife I am absolutely appalled that this young woman’s agony was prolonged and because of the failure of the doctors her organs fail and she died from blood poisoning.

How can this be that any woman should die from clearly what was a necessary medical problem.  This was not an abortion that was being undertaken in a back alley of some run down building with individuals with archaic methods of performing such surgery and breaking the law to do so.

These individuals that are playing God, making ridiculous decisions that caused the death of another human being, who do they think they are.  Clearly, in my opinion and the media report this was a case where someone who took the ‘Hippocratic oath’ to do no harm, should have acted on.  Their decision has left a family in ruins a man without his wife and the needless death of a young woman with everything to live for.

There are many people that are against abortion, but even those that are adamant that abortion is wrong would agree that in this particular case there was a clear sign that an abortion should have been done, she was  17 weeks pregnant and they gave the fetus that was dying anyway more chance than the young woman and that cost her life.  No amount of investigation can repair the damage done to this family and irrespective of the findings there can be no justifications of what they did to this young woman.

I am furious as this could happen to a member of my family and we should be outraged at any government that allow such eighteen century attitudes to influence the way in which they treat women who seek an abortion on medical grounds.

This Hollier and thou belief that we have all the answers to what God wishes us to do is the reason for some of the diabolical mistakes that human beings make and for the most part their actions are questionable as they do not practice what they preach on their families but have no qualms in doing to others.

By Sandrea: My Opinion