As the media report that a Mississippi two and a half year old child born with the virus that causes AIDS appears to have been cured, scientists describing the case of the child being off medication for over a year without any sign of the virus.

There is overwhelming elation when stories like these emerges, however the elation is short-lived as we have to face the news that a car bomb has exploded outside a mosque, in the neighbourhood southern Pakistan city of Karachi, killing 37 people and wounding another 141 in this Shiite Muslim dominated area, this is, apparently the third mass casualty attack on the minority sect in the country this year.

A pregnant young woman and her husband heading to a New York hospital when the car they were riding in was hit, killing them both, but their baby boy was born prematurely and survived, authorities confirmed.

The news that the home of the Miami man who was swallowed by a huge sinkhole that opened up in his house, crews have demolished more than half of the Tampa home, according to report family members manage to salvage some keepsakes for other family members who lived there.

The most disturbing aspects of news that cause us to be concerned is the information regarding Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who resigned last week as Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric,  admitting that his sexual conduct had “fallen below the standards expected of me”.

As the Catholic Church began the task of appointing the new Pope one cannot help but wonder if the Catholic Church as reach a point in its history where it is destroying itself.  Popes do not resign they hold their office until they die and with the resignation of Pope Benedict the first in almost 600 years we have to ask the question whether his resignation give the conclave an opportunity to appoint a strong Pope  is going to unite the church .

There is no other denomination that have had so many sexual scandals and it is mind boggling that an organization that is supposed to protect, nurture the young would use their position in such a counterproductive way and caused pain to so many lives and destroy the innocence of so many.

For every good news that is reported we do not get the opportunity to revel into the feel good factor we achieve when we read about these news events as behind those news are the ones that makes us very sad and therefore, for every ups we get there is several downs and human beings continue on their destructive path with Mother Nature doing her part to rein us in.

By Sandrea: My Opinion with excerpts from the media