The long awaited Leveson report has had mixed reactions from both the government and the press.

Whilst there seems to be a general consensus that the criticisms made by Leveson is warranted, there is strong opposition to one of the recommendations in the report, regarding state regulation of the press.

Of course, in a democratic society, freedom of the press should have been paramount, but with freedom comes responsibility and if the reason that the inquiry was established in the first place is anything to go by the press should not complain because it is certain aspects of their industry which created the problem, in the manner in which they acquire information and their blatant disregard for individual privacy.

Organisations have a code of conduct framework in which they operate in and if individuals persistently break sections of these guidelines, then sometimes legislation is the only way forward to ensure that we undertake the functions of our responsibilities with dignity and integrity.

I believe that we do need new laws to ensure that not only the press act responsibly, but to ensure that the freedom of the press is tapered with the rights of an individual to be allowed their privacy and do not have their private lives to spread all over the media unless they are in agreement that this should happen.

Democracy does not take away the rights of individuals and same concerns that the press is showing regarding new laws to curtail their activities they should be aware that individuals that have their privacy invaded feel this same way.

I believe that we need the media they play a very important role in our democracy, but that role should not be achieved at all cost and whatever it takes and it should certainly not be at the expense of our rights.

By Sandrea: My Opinion