As fears grow over the current Israeli Palestinian situation the question is will Israel flex its military muscle and invade Gaza.

The Israeli and Palestinian saga as been ongoing since the early 20th century and it doesn’t appear that there is any end in sight for a conflict that as span so many generations.

Irrespective of what originally started the conflict both countries have a right to exist and this conflict will not cease until there is mutual respect and acceptance of that fact.  It is counterproductive for the Palestinians believe that Israel is suddenly going to disappear and they will regain all of the so-called land that they accused Israel of stealing.

Every time that these two countries face off with each other it is the innocent that bear the brunt of their hostility, especially the children who are living from generation to generation without any peace in sight.  They are unable to grow, learn and be productive as their existence is constantly marred by unnecessary violence and mayhem.

So, has an Israeli aircraft target rocket launching operation of Gaza militants, as they amassed armoured personnel carriers near the Palestinian territory the world wait with bated breath wondering when this is going to become a full scale battle.

Although, Israel has its military power they are not going to find it easy to walk over Hamas, given the fact that since the Arab Spring Uprising the region Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power in several countries especially in Egypt it would be naive to believe that these other Muslim countries are going to stand by whilst Israel annihilate the Palestinians.

Egypt may have promised to abide by the 1979 peace deal with Israel but they have recalled their ambassadors from Israel sending a delegation to Gaza to show support for Hamas, therefore they are not ignoring what is happening between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Quite frankly, the world cannot tolerate another war, one that can be resolved if human beings decide to put down the guns and pick up the pen.  War should never be used when we have the ability to discuss and resolve our differences.

Unfortunately, as long as we fail to recognise that we are all human beings regardless of our colour, creed, religious beliefs and that we bleed and die feel the same pain, we will continue to destroy each other until finally we will blow ourselves out of existence.

By Sandrea: My Opinion