The Syrian uprising is ongoing for the last nineteen months with no sign that this conflict will be over anytime soon.

Hundreds of people have lost their lives, displaced, become refugees and the civil war continue to create more chaos and mayhem and there does not seem to be anyone who can break this stranglehold and in the mean time it is the people who are suffering, losing their homes and what little amount of possession they had and most likely cannot understand why nothing is being done.

Recently Israel Israel was drawn into the Syrian civil war for the first time, firing warning shots in the neighboring country after a stray mortar shell from across the border hit an Israeli military post.

One has to now ask the question is this move a green light for Israel to get involved in a war, or is this just a matter of letting the Syrians that they will not have any kind of attack on their country.  Israel has every right to defend herself and if the Syrian whether it is the so-called rebels or the regime deem it necessary to fire into Israeli territory then they must be aware that Israel will not allow its people or possessions to be fired upon without retaliation.

There is no doubt that there will be individuals that believe that Israel is desperate to get involved in the Syrian conflict and that they will use any accident to demonstrate their military power, but which country would not defend their borders if they are attacked by another.

Syria also borders Turkey and it is inevitable that in any conflict where a country borders another they are going to accidents so, if an incident happen to both Turkey and Israel are we going to see all out war declare.

Given that Israel report the incident to United Nations forces operating in the area, we know the result of that, it was hoped that the UN would have resolved the issues surrounding the Syrian conflict, but alas this as not occur and now it would appear that if the situation does not change we could see an escalation of this conflict rather than it drawing to an end.

By Sandrea: My Opinion