Given the fact that the Talibans are threatening the Afghanistan with reprisals if they execute any of the their imprisoned militants, will the government comply.

The fact that the Afghan government has recently hung eight convicted persons which were carried out shortly after the President signed death warrants for 16 individuals.  This is no doubt the reason for the Taliban warning.

There is no doubt that the Talibans will make good on their warnings should their comrades be executed.  We have seen the increase in the number of roadside and suicide bombings which have been attributed to them, this as continued the civil chaos that have plagued the country.

In a country like Afghanistan any death by the state could be questionable, as concerns from Amnesty International grows following the assessment that the Afghan legal system do not always meet international fair trial standards.

In my opinion, we should not be using the death penalty in any country and in particular countries with questionable human rights protocols.

The Taliban’s warning cannot be ignored given that these are the very people who was in power until the US led invasion ousted them in 2001.  They were blamed for executing people in public for crimes which included adultery, there is no reason not to believe that these people will continue that reign of terror, if the government execute their supporter.

It is in the interest of the Afghan government to commute all death sentences, as the EU mission in the country says that the Government should reintroduce a moratorium on executions as a first step towards abolishing capital punishment.   But the question will be whether the Afghan government will take the advice given to them or will they ignore it.

By Sandrea: My Opinion