There is a premise that the taxes that we paid to the various London Boroughs are suppose to take care of the facilities within the boroughs.2013-05-12 20.46.37

However the appalling road conditions on some of the streets within the London Borough of Lambeth are disgraceful and they are causing a great deal of damage to motor vehicles.

Motorists are finding scratches to their vehicles because other motorists are having to be zigzagging all over the place to avoid the pot holes in the road and by doing so they are sometimes damaging other parked vehicles, and although this is not intentionally done the fact remains that cars are being damaged and we are unable to get them repair as there do not seem to be anyone that the blame should be laid on.

Unfortunately, I am in no position to speak about any other borough except for the London Borough of Lambeth where I reside and have found that two great potholes that was outside my house cause my vehicle to be damaged and having report both the potholes and the damage to the appropriate authority I am still waiting for them to respond to me with regard to the damage to my vehicle.

It is rather disgraceful that the roads are nothing short of a river bed and I find it unacceptable that motorist having to pay so much to keep their vehicle on the road cannot have a much better road conditions to drive on and yet they have the gall to be charging the motorist these enormous amounts for parking fine and  it begs the question what are they doing with the fines because they are certainly not repairing the roads.

I recognise that during the winter periods and when we have heavy rain fall, that sometimes damage the surface of the roads, but there is no way that those pot holes should be left for months on end without being repair and in the process is causing motorist the level of stress that I for one is experiencing because every time that you find damage to you vehicle if you claim on your insurance is send your premium higher the next time around and why should the motorist bear the responsibility of having to repair damage to their vehicle which can be proven that it was damage because other motorist are having to play hop scotch to avoid the pot holes.

By Sandrea: My Opinion

2013-05-12 20.46.37

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