With the new campaign on its way in the UK capital, to give wheelchair users priority on buses, one has to wonder why do we need a campaign when it should be a decent human thing to do.

For London Transport service to have to display posters in buses and shelters making it clear that reserved disabled spaces on buses must be given up.  One begins to understand that for any organization to be launching these kinds of campaign to draw attention to the plight of the disabled, gives us a glimpse into how society changed over the last 30 years.

There was a time when people with young children, pregnant or disabled board any one of the transports, whether it was the buses, trains or tube, individuals seated would relinquish their seat to facilitate those who were seen as vulnerable.  We have gotten so selfish and self absorb we fail the very people we should be caring about.

Why should, as one disabled person put it, ‘we are made to feel guilty using the buses’.  They may be subject to using a wheelchair, but they are human beings and they should be treated with the respect they deserve.  There are some wheelchair users that have been made disabled fighting for their country whilst many of us lie safety tucked up in our beds, and when they try to integrate into our uncaring society we treat them like they have the plague, ridiculous.

It seems that we no longer have the ability to do what is right and we either have to wage campaigns or have legislations shove on us for us to do what should naturally be humane, this is such a sad affair.  I blame the political arena of the 1980’s when we move from a caring society for a selfish one and thirty years on the ramifications of those actions are now playing a counterproductive part in our society.


By Sandrea: My Opinion