There comes a time when human beings need to do the right things for the sake of their fellow man and to pour petrol on an already inferno is not only counterproductive, but a foolish thing to do.

The world that we live in is not perfect by any sense of the world and in order for us to exist as a race there are certain do’s and don’ts that we have to abide by even if they are unpalatable, we do so in the name of peace and common decency.

In the last couple of days the world witness what can occur when individuals are angered by the insensitivity of others.  The fact that the anti-Islam film to a lot of westerners is nothing but a bad comedy with no relevant or important information was not seen in that light by the Islamic world.

Over twenty demonstrations took part all over the Middle East and Asia and as far a field as Australia, Muslims anger at the fact that their prophet was defiled, they took to the streets in their thousands they burn American flags, they attacked embassies and consulate and the US Ambassador to Libyan lost his life, so far around 30 people lives have extinguished because of this idiotic film.

It then begs the question that after all that we have seen transpire in the last few days why would the French magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ wish to publish cartoons caricature of the Prophet Mohammed to further enrage the Muslim community into more demonstration and possible violent confrontation with security service.  How many people have to lose their lives before individuals start acting in a responsible manner.

I cannot believe that the moral fibre of our society as broken down so much that we no longer have any dignity or integrity or a right and wrong compass in which we use to function effectively in a volatile world.

Freedom of speech is being used to justify the behaviour of these individuals. France is home to Western Europe’s largest Islamic community, with at least four million Muslims in the country why would anyone goes out of their way to anger this community.

Christians say they live by the words of the bible and if that is the case then we cannot pick and choose how we interpret God’s word.  Romans 12 v 18 said, If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  Everyone includes the Muslim community, and the bible further states that we should not provoke our brother to anger

Muslims may be fanatical about their prophet Mohammed more than Christians about Jesus, but it is not the religions that are the problem but the proponents of the various religions who really do not understand that violence and provocation is not the way to co-exist and we need to stop hiding behind freedom of speech in order to provoke others into committing violence.

If this magazine publishes these cartoons caricature of Mohammed and Muslim uprising cause the death of anyone whether it is members of the demonstrators or security personnel those acts will be laid squarely at the feet of those who created the problems and they should be made aware that they will be held responsible and accountable for any outraged that their article cause.