By Sandrea:- My Opinion

The last couple of days saw, politicians on both sides of the Atlantic make the most amazing and outrageous gaffe, in my opinion, of the 21st Century. 

It is unbelievable that these individuals who are vying for for public support seems to be incapable of knowing what will cause outrage among the people, and they really should stick to speeches that tell the public what they will do for the country and its citizens  rather than try to add humor in their speech because each time they do they put their foot in their own mouths, as listed below:-

Mitt Romney – Us Presidential candidate

Comment:  “ I can relate to black people, my  ancestors once owned slaves”.

Talk about being patronising, idiotic, insensitive and stupid.  Did Mitt Romney believe that his comment would make black people think that he has any kind of insight or could begin to comprehend what they have endured now or in the past, pathetic.

Todd Akin – Congressman  running for the Missouri Senate

Comment: “If a woman is raped her body has ways to shut the whole thing down”.

One would believe that Todd Akin has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the female anatomy in order to make such a ridiculous  comment.  What does he know about being raped, there is no such thing as your body shutting down, you live every terrifying moment of that invasion of privacy.  Yet again a politician whose brain and mouth do not seem to be in sync.

Bradford West – George Galloway UK Member of Parliament

Comment: – “if the allegations made by these two women were true, and even if a camera in the room captured them, they do not constitute rape”.

That was just one of the outlandish comment that was made by George Galloway during discussions regarding the Julian Assange affairs.  His comments spark a lot of anger amongst the British public and in particular organizations that  deal with victims of sexual assault.

These are just three examples of politicians putting their proverbial foot in their mouths.  Freedom of speech is sacrosanct and we should maintain the right.  However, politicians should be a little more cautious about allowing their mouths to fly before their brain, afterall they rely on the public for support and isolating them because of idiotic comments is no way to begin one political career.