It is said that love is the strongest emotion known to human beings and it makes us do some very crazy things.

Should you ask an individual that is classified as a failed relationship hoarder, why they hoard these mementos, they will tell you that they are reminded of happier times within that relationship.

But does hoarding things really help us to move on to the next phase of our lives.  In a case where an individual after a failed relationship would cut clippings from a newspaper article which featured happy couples, is mind boggling.

It’s understandable that the people who hoard memento that they receive or acquire during a relationship and continue to hold onto these after the relationship comes to an end, in my opinion believe that these memorabilia will remind them of the good times when the relationship, in their eyes were perfect.

Human beings have an unnatural ability to hoard , we feel the need to have things that remind us of good or bad times, but what effect does this have on us.  There is a school of thought that believe holding on to good memory help us overcome the tragedies that life sometimes deals to us.  But what happen to the memory when they are bad, surely that cannot allow us closure.

I believe that whether it is possessions or people, it is important to remove them from your life if they impact negatively.  It is not what people think of you that is important, but what you think about yourself. When you clear out negative things from your life it is like a breath of fresh air, you suddenly feel light, you close the door on one unfortunate chapter of your life and opened a new and more likely interesting phase.

In my opinion holding on to fail relationship clutter is counterproductive, if you are to move forward and give yourself the opportunity to invite other meaningful relationships then letting go and freeing yourself from the past, is the only way to face the future.

Place in that situation if my relationship die and there is no hope for reconciliation, then I would get rid of any clutter, I would  not hoard the things that are a constant reminder of the failure, I will  release myself and  find other positive and fruitful relationship, I most certainly would not complain or pester my friends about the why’s, I would use the inner strength that we all posses to move on.

Bearing in mind that everything that happen to us in life is a learning curve.  We gain experience from them, they shape the person we become. It is not the things that happen to us in life that makes us strong is the manner in which we deal with those experiences they can either have a positive or negative impact on our well-being.


By Sandrea: My Opinion